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Finish the story..
It was raining the night they came and destroyed my town.
They came while we all slept, tired from our days hard labour in the fields.
The families on the outskirts of town were the lucky ones that night; they slept never to wake again. The Riders came in and slit their throats quietly and quickly.
Eventually though, the rest of us became aware something was wrong, and it turned to chaos, people I had known my entire life were dying in the mud, left for the animals to devour in the coming days. Left for death to claim.
For days after, all I could smell was smoke and blood. I felt as though the smell would be forever on my skin. A harsh reminder of all that was lost that night.
The chains on my wrist, another reminder of what was lost that night...
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Flawed Heart
I'm fighting this war
This war inside
I can't break loose of what I feel
I can't escape my fear
I should know better
To think I can make this right
To think I can change the way it is
To feel this way, again
Go, go
Run while you can
Don't look back
You won't find what you're looking for
I see your face break with pain
I watch your heart shatter
I hold you in my hands
And I crush you
One day I know things will change
I wish I could have changed for you
Go, go find another
And I'll hold my broken heart
Go, go
Don't wait for me
I have to fix myself
Before I can hold another's heart
And when It all falls down
I know it was me that was wrong
When it all crumbles away
I know it was me who failed
So Go, Go
Don't cry for what we were
Go, go
Don't hate what could have been
Go, Go
Love for us both
while I fix my flawed heart.
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You don't want me
I don't know what I have to do to make you want me like before
I don't know what I have to do to make you care
But nothing you can say will ever hurt me
Nothing you can do will make me cry
I know I can live without you
You've never seen who I really can be
I don't think you ever wanted to
We were always getting it wrong
     I never wanted anyone but you
Now all the rooms seem empty
Now all the doors are slamming shut
Now the rain won't stop falling
My heart has stopped beating
I tell myself it's not me
It's you
It's not me
It's you
It's not me
But it is me, it always was.
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I'm yours
Make me into what you want
I want to be what you need
I'm tired of being undesired
I'm tired of being the one whose heart has to bleed
Turn me into your dream
Turn me into your fantasy
I want to be held
I want out of this lonely agony
Pretend I'm better looking
I'll let you close your eyes
I just want your touch
As long as you don't mind the lies
Write the words I say
I can be silent as the grave
You can ignore me if you wish
It's me who is the slave
Hide me in the shadows
You can lead me astray
But let me keep loving you
Keep my emptiness away
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Lets Stay Here
Sometimes I wonder why no one seems to change
The earth spins round and round
Yet we all remain the same
And sometimes I find it hard to breathe
Its like the world is caving in on me
I've got no where to turn
I've got no where to run
But straight into your arms
And now I see reality
It's just you and me
We've got no where to go
No where to run
So lets stay here
Sometimes I wonder why I can't fly
The birds all have their wings
So where are mine?
And sometimes I find it hard to comprehend
The truth that someday this will all end
I've got no where to go
I've got nowhere to hide
But safe in your arms
And now I see reality
It's just you and me
We've got no where to go
No where to run
So lets stay here
Lets stay here
Lets just stay here.
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Hollow Tears
My pillow is wet
From these empty tears
I've cried all my feelings away
And now I'm hollow.
I can't hold on to what is slipping away
That reality that was mine
And now is a distant memory
Of days gone by.
I gasp for air
To late for me to stop drowning
I sink further and further away
My past turns its back on me
Where can I go
Now that I have nothing
Where can I go
Now that all is lost
Who will dry
The tears I still have to shed
Who will fix
My heart?
How will I fix these broken pieces
Of the life
That is no longer mine?
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All I've Got
I feel like I'm broken
Like a toy no longer loved
And I struggle to hold myself together
With these plastic arms
My whole world is different
My everything has changed
In a world that carries on endlessly
I can't stop the pain
Life ebbs and flows
Like a river
Like the sea
But my life is frozen
And all I've got is me.
I feel like I'm falling
Like a bird that can no longer fly
And I struggle not to hit the ground
With my broken wings
My world is left behind
My everything is gone
In this world of eternity
I feel so empty
Yet life ebbs and flows
Like a river
Like the sea
But my life is frozen
And all I've got
Is me.
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Towards You
Round and round
My head spins with thoughts of you
And I have to keep telling myself to breathe
Falling so quickly
Has put me in a spin
And I can't see where I'm going
I just know its towards you
The rain pitter patters on the window sill
Another day stuck inside
With nothing but thoughts of you
I need to figure out how to reach you
How to touch your face
How to win your heart
The way you seem to have won mine
Late at night I lie awake
Eyes closed shut in hopes of dreams of you
And there you are
Smiling again
Falling so quickly
Has put me in a spin
And I can't see where I'm going
I just know its towards you
The sun breaks through my curtains
A new day has come
But my thoughts of you stay the same
I need to figure out how to find you
How to feel you
How to tell you
The things you need to hear
Let me whisper in your ear
The things that I feel
They are so beautiful
So true
Falling so quickly
Has put me in a spin
And I can't see where I'm going
I just know that it's towards you
Towards you
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I've Fallen for you
And there it goes again
The THUD THUD of my heart
And now I know
I've fallen for you
I can't break this feeling
I can't shake this feeling
I'm lost in you
And I love it
Look at me
I know you can see everything I feel
And I wonder if you feel it too
I hope you feel it
Cos I'm completely lost in you
You're in everything I do, every breath I take
I've fallen for you
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Love at first and only sight?
The moment I walked through the door,  was the moment I caught his eye.
It was as though my breath had been knocked from my body, as though time had stopped.
It had been an ordinary day before then. I'd gone to uni, I'd had lunch and I was about to go home. But some inexplicable force pulled me across the road and into the shop.
And that was it, my whole life was changed for ever.
It was like my whole life had been building up to this moment. Every love, every heartbreak was preparing me for this moment where he and I would discover one another.
I could hear nothing, save the swift, heavy pounding of my heart. The world around me vanished, and all there was existing for this moment in time was this man and me.
I had never believed in love at first sight, until this moment. Every sinew in my body was screaming for his touch and I knew if I didn't hear his voice I would fade away to nothing.
"Hi" I attempted. Barley more than a whisper
"Hey" was his softly breathed reply
His vo
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Shanimal by Mellowillow Shanimal :iconmellowillow:Mellowillow 1 0 Jared in all his Glory by Mellowillow Jared in all his Glory :iconmellowillow:Mellowillow 2 0
Dear Jerk
Dear Jerk
Hello Jerk.
Remember me?
I'm that girl you just passed on the street. You know the one, the one you just called FAT?
Do you say that to all the girls, or am i just lucky?
I heard you laughing.
I guess you think you're pretty funny? Nah. you're not. You're a jerk. Your friends think so too, stop and take a listen...They aren't laughing with you. They think you're being a Jerk too.
You're not even being an original Jerk. Do you really think that if you think that I am FAT, you're the only one thats called that out as they pass me in the street? maybe you are, maybe you're not...
Who's to say who's FAT and who's not anyway? The magazines? Television?
Nah. Look around you Jerk. Look at the real world. real girls aren't size nothing. and if they are, maybe they are lucky?
Back in the old days, a girl with a wider figure like mine, would have been the first picked to be married. Do you know why Jerk? I bet you don't.. your tiny little brain only has room for childish insults...
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Echelon - fan by Mellowillow Echelon - fan :iconmellowillow:Mellowillow 2 3 Echelon on the beach by Mellowillow Echelon on the beach :iconmellowillow:Mellowillow 3 6 Echelon attack by Mellowillow Echelon attack :iconmellowillow:Mellowillow 16 24


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and then post it on to your journal so others can see!! wicked idea :D (my shoes are in it too hehe # 407)
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